Tanya Titia van der Heyde

5 January 1961 - 28 February 2006

Eulogies and Remberances from Tanya's Memorial Service 18 March 2006:

"[Click for eulogy by Arne R. van der Heyde]"
Arne R. van der Heyde
"[Click for eulogy by Dave Hogan]"
Dave Hogan
"[Click for eulogy by Debbie Stephenson]"
Debbie Stephenson
"[Click for eulogy by Pam Hass]"
Pam Hass
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Guest Book

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Pictures for her many friends and relatives around the globe

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[Photo: Tanya Halloween 2005]

Halloween 2005

[Photo: Tanya in Dutch costume 1973]

In Dutch costume 1973

[Photo: Tanya at Helen's birthday 1994]

At Helena's birthday 1994

[Photo: Tanya in the Smokies 1982]

In the Smokies

[Photo: Tanya 1980s ATT Portrait]

1980s ATT Portrait

[Photo: Tanya taking Helena to see Clifford 1995]

Taking Helena to
see Clifford 1995

[Photo: Tanya with niece Helena 1993]

With niece Helena 1993

[Photo: Tanya in 1985]

In 1985

[Photo: Tanya Thanksgiving 1996]

Thanksgiving 1996

[Photo: Tanya Christmas with family 1993]

Christmas with family

[Photo: Tanya Christmas with friends 1994]

Christmas with friends

[Photo: Tanya with brother Arne 1989]

With brother Arne

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